GYEN Digital JPY

The First Regulated Digital JPY
100% Fiat-backed︱Secure︱Trusted︱Transparent

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  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Trade Seamlessly

    Our stablecoins allow you to seamlessly trade across our high speed, global network of partner exchanges. Experience digital fiat trading with ease while lowering costs.

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    Retail and Institutional Exchanges

  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Settle Instantly

    Our stablecoins enable near instant settlement across our network of settlement networks. Enjoy noticeably faster counterparty settlement.

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  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Hold Confidently,
    Transact Easily

    Our stablecoins can be stored by leading custody providers and wallet services. Allowing you to store and transact your stablecoins with confidence.

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  • Stable Value
    100% fiat-backed. Every token will have a one-to-one reserve balance in our trustee bank accounts. You can always redeem 1:1.
  • Transparent
    Independent audit reports provided on month-end balances.
  • Ethereum Powered
    GYEN and ZUSD use Ethereum technology, the most well-known standard for smart contracts. All transactions operate according to the rules of a smart contract, eliminating human error.
  • No Middlemen
    GMO issues and redeems our stablecoins directly, allowing for increased security, transparency and service while lowering fees.
  • Liquid
    GYEN and ZUSD will be available on exchanges globally against the most liquid digital asset pairs, allowing our stablecoins to be seamlessly accessed and traded.

Connect and convert your Japanese YEN or US Dollar.

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