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The First Regulated Digital JPY
100% Fiat-backed︱Secure︱Trusted︱Transparent

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  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Trade Seamlessly

    Our stablecoins allow you to trade seamlessly across our network of global partner venues. Experience digital fiat trading at the venue of your choice with ease while minimizing your costs.

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    Retail and Institutional Exchanges

  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Settle Instantly

    Our stablecoins enable near instant settlement at our supported settlement network partners. Optimize the efficiency of your treasury and holdings with faster settlement times.

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  • GYEN/ZUSD Allow You To

    Store Confidently,
    Transact Easily

    Our stablecoins are supported by a number of leading custody providers and wallet services, allowing you to store and transact with confidence.

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  • Stable Value
    Every GYEN issued by GMO Trust is 100%-fiat backed and always 1:1 redeemable with Japanese Yen, ensuring you are able to transact with confidence.
  • Transparent
    Third-party attestations of GMO Trust’s U.S. Dollar and Japanese Yen reserves are carried out by an independently registered accounting firm, with monthly attestation reports published on this website.
  • Multi-Chain
    GYEN and ZUSD are issued on multiple blockchains, such as the Ethereum and Stellar blockchains, allowing for near real-time issuance, redemption and transaction monitoring, with more blockchain releases to come in the future.
  • No Middlemen
    GMO Trust issues and redeems GYEN and ZUSD directly, facilitating an increased level of security, transparency and service with reduced transaction costs.
  • Access
    GMO Trust’s stablecoins are supported by a number of Tier 1 custodians, wallet services, centralized and decentralized venues, enabling use cases across the digital assets ecosystem.

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