Integration & Interoperability

Enhancing Assurance with Multi-Chain Integration

Experience the reliability and interoperability of GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins seamlessly integrated across leading blockchains.





The Power of GYEN and ZUSD Multi-Chain Integration

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    Diverse Choice of Blockchains

    Tap into the unique advantages of various leading blockchains. Select a network that best suits your needs, whether prioritizing transaction speed, cost efficiency, or advanced smart contract functionalities.

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    Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

    Integration across multiple chains provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability, allowing effortless access to advanced services and diverse ecosystems on various blockchains.

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    Leveraging the inherent security features of each blockchain, natively deployed GYEN and ZUSD minimize the risks with cross-chain transactions and interoperability issues and enhance overall trust and reliability.

The Multi-Chain Network of GYEN and ZUSD

You can find natively deployed GYEN and ZUSD on the following blockchain networks. All GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins below are fully asset-backed and 1:1 redeemable with the Japanese Yen and the U.S. Dollar respectively.

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